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What is Applied Grammer?

Applied Grammer is the only complete sentence-combining curriculum of writing practices that teaches punctuation, grammar, and writing style.


Here's how Applied Grammar Online distinguishes itself from other grammar programs.

  • Engaging puzzles that give students practice building sentences instead of just analyzing them
  • No activities designed to include errors for students to correct since such activities tend to confuse students

  • Precision keyboarding with immediate feedback on capitalization, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation.


Research since the 1960s demonstrates the positive impact of sentence combining on tests of writing quality. Later studies confirm its positive impact on scrores of reading comprehension, vocabulary, and language skills of basic, gifted, and special needs students.

Applied Grammar Online

  • Applied Grammar Online has become the proven link between language study and double-digit growth on state ELA and writing assessments.


    Teachers and instructional leaders love...

    • the significant positive impact on their state ELA tests
    • the puzzle format that captures students' attention and keeps them engaged
    • the online video tutorials that guide students through each new sentence pattern
  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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