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Gourmet Learning

What is Gourmet Learning?

Built on the premise of differentiated instruction and backed by research, Gourmet provides the high interest "gourmet" content that gives teachers the explicit skills instruction to model and guide students to find their "zone of learning" and find the secret ingredient of their own intrinsic motivation.

Gourmet Learning provides modular and comprehensive teaching material in three main forms :


Short daily high interest content that relates students' experiences to the lesson objective and puts students in a receptive frame of mind for learning.

Main Dishes

An enormous wealth of differentiated instructional strategies proven to work with students' diverse backgrounds and learning styles.

With an emphasis on hands-on learning, these solutions make good teachers outstanding teachers, while transitioning the responsibility for learning from the teacher to the students.
Doing Homework

Meet diverse student needs and provide the most effective student outcomes with thousands of targeted interventions.

Teachers and instructional leaders love...

  • the research-based proven methodologies that increase student performance - with average test scores showing a 30% annual increase

  • the modular design allowing for our materials to be used to teach a single learning objective up to an year's curriculum

  • the thousands of opportunities to model test-taking strategies, monitor students' understanding, and evaluate progress


Features and Benefits



High interest content for reading, math, spanish, science, and social studies

Involves students in critical-thinking strategies and application of skills, based on the work of Benjamin Bloom



Research-based principles and practices from The National Reading Panel, NCTM, NSTA, Robert Marzano, and Madeline Hunter

Over 150 standards-aligned offerings to deliver what students need when they need it

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